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Dedicate yourself to a higher quality of life!

Body Breath and Mind HEALTH, DEDicate yourself to a higher quality of life, for yourself friends family community and planet!


BODY BREATHE &MIND is training and preventative health with a twist, that is a health and well-being, lifestyle change, adopting Eastern methods and Sports Science. I want to help people install and work new, positive routines, healthy habits. I want to help, assist and train people to adopt a lifestyle involving sound nutrition, to focus on body, breathe and mind (meditation). To work out and move daily. Positive addictions so to speak!

   I use resistance bands, instead of weights, as they are non-loading (non-weight bearing), easy to use in your home, garden, park etc. Non-loading means healthy for our joints and muscles so we can obtain functional strength and movement involving all the body without compressing and damaging it. I do full body workouts as opposed to the traditional weight training regimes of legs on one day, back, shoulders and arms the other, chest and triceps day three etc. Bands allow us to become dynamic, toned, strong. They enhance both types of muscle contractions - concentric (contracting) and eccentric (lengthening) – and enable you to target major muscle groups and postural stability muscles at the same time. The bands and calisthenics (using our own body weight), enable us to increase what we call neuromuscular feedback or proprioception, (fancy words for mind, muscle, soft tissue awareness and integration). This is vital for balance, ageing, injury prevention and retraining our posture and movement.

  1. I use "Pliability/suppleness" as a foundation. These concepts are about our soft tissue - muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia - becoming soft and lengthened, as opposed to tight, stiff and sore (often a result of weight training, inactivity, ageing, life, injury). When our soft tissue becomes pliable and supple, we feel free, more mobile, and paradoxically our range of movement, strength, agility and likelihood to prevent injury improve. I use an electronic foam roller for this, pre and post work out.

   So, these are the basics (though they're huge in my humble opinion lol). I like to encourage eating well (mainly plant based), meditating and breathing, cold showers or cold-water swimming for the hardy - the health benefits are incredible, alongside the drinking of three litres of water a day too. 

I have more specific information (that I can send you) on the former but ultimately, it's about installing and keeping various daily practices for our health.

I hope this has been useful. I Look forward to hearing from you, enjoy the day.

Andre Lopez-Turner



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